New handbook in works for Pitkin County employees |

New handbook in works for Pitkin County employees

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN – A revised handbook for employees of Pitkin County government will include guidance on a host of policies, including a couple of new ones – domestic partnerships and dating in the workplace.

County commissioners took a look at the proposed new handbook on Tuesday. It’s nearly 90 pages long, up from about 50 in the existing handbook – a condensed version approved in 2004 that employees and managers have since concluded is too basic to provide much direction.

Commissioners, however, asked for more information about what has changed in the proposed new handbook so they’re better able to compare the recrafted policies with existing ones.

In addition to the new sections on domestic partnerships and dating in the workplace, changes have been made in the sections relating to county vehicles and private vehicles, problem resolution and appeal procedures, the introductory period for employees, cashing out one’s annual leave, sick leave, sick leave donations, media relations and leaves of absence, according to Laura Laubhan, human resources manager for the county.

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