New freedom equals police state |

New freedom equals police state

Dear Editor:This is the new freedom Ashcroft and others talked about. Remember, it’s a war on terror. Boogie men with box cutters who can never be seen or found (the same terror groups that our CIA gives birth to). We are fighting terror! We must bring in a police state. We must use the Patriot Act to curb our freedoms! We have to be vigilant, we mustn’t listen to conspiracy theorists. We must round up all those that question this government (anti-Americans/terrorist) and put them in prisons. Yes, the same prisons our government builds. Besides casinos and Wal-Marts, our prisons are the biggest and fastest growing industries. Be proud of them. Even though crime is at an all-time low, we need to fill them up. We must use Patriot Act 2 to federalize all grand juries that question American policies (9/11, empire building, energy and economic entanglements) and hide these truths under national security.It’s for our safety, don’t complain. We must use the color code system to warn all of their impending doom. It’s for our safety, it’s for our sanity, its for freedom. How could we possibly have our family shopping night at Wal-Mart with all these bothersome patsies on the loose?Protesters must be made to understand that they are helping the terrorist, and they will learn. We must protect the homeland! We must give up our liberty to obtain safety! We must work together to grovel to the government, military and police. Aren’t they the only ones that can save us?And just remember, if either Bush or Kerry loses, we all win because they are second cousins. They are blue-bloods straight from European royalty. (All presidents except two have direct bloodlines to European kings.) They are elitist. They are both puppets to the bankers and they are both from Skull and Bones, that wonderful death cult.But don’t worry, the football season may be here before the draft is. And if it’s not, no problem. With all the government’s subcontractors, you’ll be able to forward the scores to your children in Iraq with ease – as long as it’s on the government’s approved Web site list.Cliff Hughes Glenwood Springs