New entrance not necessary |

New entrance not necessary

I certainly hope no one imagines CDOT is going to build a meandering, tree-lined parkway into Aspen. That’s what we have now.

One only has to look at what they have built elsewhere in the valley to understand what they are about. By the time they get done with four lanes of traffic, a center lane, turning lanes and breakdown lanes, the result is 150 feet of ugly concrete.

They clearly have no plans to build a two-lane bridge and tunnel which would have to be torn out to be widened later. As in Glenwood, the traffic jams get moved right to the center of town where the shoppers and tourists can get the full benefit. Please don’t fall for some delusional politicians’ bureaucratic fantasy.

One factor which has received little mention is that the new road won’t be necessary. Aspen may have had a billion-dollar real estate economy, but literally multiple thousands of billions of dollars of stock valuations have disappeared in the continuing market collapse. These are the very funds which were driving the Aspen market.

It didn’t matter if one paid 10 times what a house was worth. As long as the real estate market was going up 16 percent a year, you could always sell for a profit and the return was great. Once prices start to fall, it gets hard to unload million-dollar tract homes.

With the decline in economic activity will come a decline in traffic.

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