New Beginnings |

New Beginnings

Alpine Bank gave the Thrift Shop a $50,000 Challenge Grant toward the creation of its new building. Bank members giving a giant check during a kickoff party for the building campaign are, left to right, Stan Kornasiemez, Scott Gordon, Sue Kolbe, president of the Thrift Shop, and Steve Briggs. (MEH)

This autumn saw new beginnings for Aspen groups, as well as for groups affiliated with Aspen.Alpine Bank awarded a $50,000 Challenge Grant to the Thrift Shop toward its campaign for a new building to be built in 2008. The bank started it all in September with a kickoff party for the campaign, and many Aspenites gave donations.In Washington, D.C., Ann Nitze of Aspen and Washington was chairwoman for the gala opening Oct. 1 of the Harman Center for the Arts Capital Campaign. The party raised $2.8 million. The Harmans and members of the Aspen community were particularly delighted that Aspen Music Festival director and CEO Alan Fletcher was able to attend. Alan missed his early morning flight out of Aspen as he had to chase after his dogs at 5 a.m. who were pursuing a bear on his property; Alan made the next flight. He went to the Harman gala as the guest of Music National Council member Shannon Fairbanks. Some more Aspenites attending the gala were Music Festival trustee Lowell Leberman Jr., Samia and Huda Farouki, Cathy and Walter Isaacson and Eliot Gerson of the Aspen Institute, Marlene and Fred Malek, Carol and Ken Adelman, Murray Gell-Mann, Shirley and Albert Small, and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schorr.

In case you didn’t already know … the 2008 Democratic National Convention will be held in Denver, Aug. 25-28, and is expected to draw 35,000 guests to the region including delegates, politicians and members of the news media. We can expect many to travel on to Aspen for a visit. Rita Farrell, daughter of Mary Lou and Joseph Farrell of Snowmass Village, is spending the 2007 fall semester studying abroad at Stelienbosch University in South Africa, through a program run by Saint Michael’s College. She is a junior, with a double major in education and American Studies, and a graduate of Aspen High School. Carla Beachcomber Lutz and her husband, architect Jess Lutz, are on their annual worldwide travels including Long Beach, Calif.; St. Petersburg, Russia; Papeetee, Tahiti; Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii; Mexico, Las Vegas and Palm Springs; then back to Moscow and some time in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. After a visit to their home in Costa Rica, they will be in Aspen for February and March.

Former Aspenites Connie Baxter Marlow and partner Andrew Cameron Bailey were in Aspen for Filmfest sporting their new film “In Search of the Future,” which has been noted by reviewers as having as vital a message as “The 11th Hour,” Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film financed by Aspenite Adam Lewis. Connie and Andrew’s film features indigenous elders, scientists and futurists bridging ancient knowledge with quantum physics. Go to to find out more about the film.Undercurrent … Time to get out the winter parka!

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