New Aspen parking rules have exceptions

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” While motorists will be limited to two hours of free parking a day in Aspen’s residential areas, there are exceptions to the rule.

The Aspen City Council voted this week on parking policy changes, which will take effect next winter. But exemptions will still apply to several types of drivers, who don’t have to pay to park in the downtown area or in residential areas.

Drivers who own hybrid vehicles will continue to be exempt from the rules. All they need do is obtain a permit from the parking department and display it on their dashboard. They can park for free throughout Aspen.

Residents who live in one of four zones ” A, B, C or D ” are allowed to park in residential areas for as long as they want with the proper permit. They also are allowed one guest permit for visitors.

Those who carpool with two or more people can obtain a permit and not pay to park. They also can stay longer than two hours in a residential zone. Lodges offer permits for visitors to park in certain areas of town and those with handicapped stickers don’t have to pay anywhere in the city.

Day passes, which can be purchased for $7, allow motorists to park all day in neighborhoods. They are available at City Market, the parking office on Main Street, and the visitor center on the Cooper Avenue mall.


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