New Art Base installation puts process on display

Artist Reina Katzenberger is inviting the public to interactive residency and installation in downtown Basalt

Staff report

Artist Reina Katzenberger will be creating her next body of work at the Art Base in Basalt over the next three weeks in a unique blend of installation and residency.

This on-site active artist studio is intended to offer a window into the process of creating art and creative problem solving in real-time. The public is invited to talk to Katzenberger about her work while she is in residence. She is expected to be there from 1-5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

“This is an opportunity to marry the exhibition and educational programming central to the mission of the Art Base,” the exhibition announcement reads. “For these weeks, the sidewalk-visible gallery will become a space for a pop-up artist residency that includes the physical manifestation of a studio with materials, equipment and ephemera, made accessible to the public.”

In addition to the in-gallery experience, viewable from the gallery’s Midland Ave. window, the Art base will document Katzenberger’s work via a live-streaming webcam.

“Reina’s time will be totally open and unscripted as she aims to surrender each day to being informed by the circumstance and interactions that occur on site,” reads the announcement. “Whatever art is created will arise from the interactions, ideas and conversations that ensue. … These interactions will be unpredictable and challenge both artist and visitor to earnestly engage in art-making as process — with the focus not on a final to explore and celebrate the inextricable connection between all things — everything is informed by everything else — using mixed media printmaking to illustrate and enhance these conversations.”

The project is a collaboration with The Project Shop, a creative space at SAW in Carbondale of which Reina is the creator and founder. It focuses primarily on arts education through service-learning based print projects.

The Art Base will host a closing party from 5-7 p.m. Feb. 4. Limited edition prints and posters by Katzenberger will be available at that event. More at