Nests for Aspen’s flock |

Nests for Aspen’s flock

Dear Editor:This community has much to be thankful for to Connie Harvey, but this whole exchange between her and Burlingame proponents isn’t making much sense to me. Ms. Harvey complains of the “segregation” of Burlingame – of it being “set apart from the flock.” Well, OK, my question to Ms. Harvey is, what “flock” does she wish these people to fly in? Without Burlingame, how many of those potential/current community members will move/stay downvalley and be part of those “flocks” – flying up and down Highway 82 every day?I have a genuine respect for many of the opponents’ points on this project, but I count myself an ardent Burlingame supporter principally because I am hoping that our chicks come/stay home to roost and not fly downvalley (out of valley) to join another flock.Burlingame represents an excellent opportunity to provide superb living conditions for many of our flock and to suggest because they live between the ABC and Aspen that they will be “segregated” or not part of the Aspen “flock” is absurd at best. So absurd that one wonders if there isn’t a hidden agenda tucked neatly somewhere in that argument.When community members are forced to move/stay downvalley because they can’t afford to be here, they are out of our flock (Aspen’s loss). When they drive up and down the valley, there are negative environmental and societal impacts that should bear some consideration. I know I won’t change Ms. Harvey’s mind on this – it appears to be made up – however, my sense of things is this isn’t just about the Aspen flock. When her anticipated response is: Of course not – it’s about the environment. I wonder, which environment? Burlingame is close to Aspen. It isn’t Basalt, Carbondale or beyond. It isn’t increasing the population of the valley, it is locating some of it closer to where they work and in the flock to which they aspire/belong.Everyone wants their own nest. I say Burlingame will be Aspen’s gain. Scott WriterOld Snowmass

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