Neo-Nazis infiltrate debate |

Neo-Nazis infiltrate debate

Dear Editor:

We are pleased with GrassRoots TV’s decision not to air the video (“GrassRoots TV nixes controversial film,” Oct. 16). The attempt to have the film “Judea Declares War on Germany” (the very title of which does not connote dispassionate “historical research”) screened on GrassRoots TV has been characterized as the initiative of a lone individual promoting a theory whose absurdity renders it harmless.

Results obtained from Googling the term “Aspen GrassRoots Holocaust denial” reveal an intense interest in the GrassRoots TV debate on white-supremacist, anti-Semitic websites, one of which states that “A colleague recently tried to put Judea Declares War on Germany on GrassRoots TV in Aspen, Colo.,” and expresses the opinion that “GrassRoots TV ought to be called ‘Jew TV.'” The site posts a letter from Steve Campbell urging readers to write to GrassRoots TV in support of the screening.

The Campbell letter also appears on another site that is subtitled “An Ethno Racialist’s Blog,” and features on its homepage a photograph of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda. Recent posts on the ethno-racialist’s blog include “New England Must Depart from the Zionist Occupied Government” and “A Swastika Grows in Brooklyn.”

Additionally, these sites encourage readers to link to other choice sources of racial and religious bigotry, including David Duke, Zionist Watch, Ziopedia, White Reference Blog, Detroit is Crap and many others.

As evidenced by the websites supporting Campbell, absurdity does not ensure harmlessness. The Nazis did not spring full-blown out of nowhere into control of Germany in 1933. A decade earlier, they were considered a bunch of misfits strutting around the Munich beer halls, too ridiculous to be taken seriously. This is why we took very seriously Campbell’s campaign to foist “revisionist theory” on us.

Doug Weiser, Snowmass

Judith King, Glenwood Springs

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