Neighbors of Marolt

In law school I learned that when you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, just argue, loudly. That apparently is Mr. Cliff Weiss’ strategy, and the “Neighbors of Marolt,” in his continued effort to overturn the will of the people and their duly elected officials. (Letter to the Editor, Aspen Times, 6/6/02)

As for the facts: Question 5 in 2001 did not just say what Mr. Weiss claims. The S-Curves were not “hardly mentioned” in the question and I welcome everyone to read it. Mr. Weiss is the one always complaining about the traffic light at Cemetery Lane and Question 5 was about keeping the S-Curves and replacing the signal at Cemetery Lane with a roundabout. Eliminating the Cemetery Lane traffic signal is the only way the S-curve proponents claimed the S-curves would work. Again the question asks very clearly if we should retain the S-curve alignment. I suggest Mr. Weiss re-read it and again recall the 66 percent of Aspen voters who rejected it.

As for the law: I have collected signatures on petitions several times, including my own election and a successful attempt to force a vote on rail in 1999. I managed to follow the law that was clearly printed on each petition. These rules were explained to Mr. Weiss and his committee. They exist for a reason, if Mr. Weiss and others do not follow them, signatures can be collected that do not belong to the actual citizen whose name is purported to be on the petition, and, people can sign petitions when they are not aware of the issues involved. If Mr. Weiss does not like these rules, he can go to the State Legislature and try to change them; in the meantime, he and his committee must follow the law like everyone else.

As for my opposition to rail, I have been clear that I think it is too expensive and not efficient. However, not being Nostradamus I have no idea what will happen in 10, 20 or 50 years, and if we do not complete the entrance you close the door to all mass-transit options: rail, buses, or whatever new technology the future holds. I will not support eliminating options and keeping an S-curve alignment that does not efficiently move traffic.

I too urge you to go to the post office when Mr. Weiss is there trying to collect signatures. Tell him you don’t want to sign. Tell him you have voted on this issue time and again and you have had enough. Tell him you do not support closing the door on all transit options for all time just because he happens to live near the proposed new highway. Also tell him you want your friends, neighbors, and employees from downvalley to have a safe and quick commute on Highway 82.

Tony Hershey

Aspen City Councilman


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