Neighborly fun |

Neighborly fun

Dear Editor:

We wanted to thank all our wonderful neighbors on Missouri Heights for being understanding and tolerant of the music from our party on Friday night. It just so happens that both our birthdays and wedding anniversary fall in the same week and since it was Cloud’s 40th birthday we had a huge party with Fire in the Asylum playing.

We did warn our immediate neighbors that it would get loud but apparently we were heard from very far away so thank you for understanding and making Missouri Heights one of the coolest places to live! Also, a big thank you to Willy and Paddy, our Argentinean friends who spent all day roasting the pig, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, all our fabulous friends and of course Josh Phillips, Graham Mueller and Joaquina LLuma (Roqui) from Fire in the Asylum – you rocked the house!

Thanks again.

Cally and Cloud Shadowshot

Missouri Heights

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