Negative tactics misleading |

Negative tactics misleading

I’m angered by Wayne Allard’s negative campaign tactics and his campaign’s blatant attempt to confuse and mislead Colorado voters.

For example, the Allard campaign is running ads that falsely portray Tom Strickland?s relationship with Global Crossing. Allard?s ads make it seem that Strickland had a substantial role in the downfall of that company.

In reality, the law firm where Tom worked was retained to obtain permits from the FCC to lay fiber-optic cable underneath the Atlantic Ocean at a time when the telecommunications industry was high-growth.

While Allard?s ads falsely imply that Strickland personally made a bundle from Global Crossing, Tom was only one of a number of lawyers that received fees from that company. Strickland never received any stock from Global Crossing and had no knowledge of the company?s problems. Tom was engaging in an attorney-client relationship, whereby there was no wrongdoing.

Tom Strickland?s public record speaks for itself. He has spent over 20 years advocating worthy causes, including spearheading the Great Outdoors Colorado program and serving as Colorado’s U.S. Attorney. As a public servant, Strickland received bipartisan support from the Colorado Legislature and the U.S. Senate.

Perhaps Allard should stop the stream of negativity and instead engage in a more balanced debate of important issues so Colorado voters can make an informed decision come November.

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Joshua N. Reider


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