Need more info on hydro project |

Need more info on hydro project

Dear Editor:

I’d vote for micro-hydro in a heartbeat if I could be “assured” that proper streambed health was being maintained.

Hearing Amory Lovins say “yes” to micro-hydro during his discussion with Tom Friedman this summer would normally be enough for me, but Trout Unlimited is a well-respected organization, Katie Lee is no slouch, and Connie Harvey is trustworthy.

I’d like to hear what streambed-restoration-mitigation plans are included in the micro-hydro plant. I’d like to hear how silting will be avoided and “if” it’s an issue (for the simple reason that if silting is a concern, we’ll be putting in a hydro plant with a limited life). I’d love to get some technical responses.

I’d really like to hear those reassurances before the mail-in ballot lands in my box.

Ziska Childs


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