Need an independent press |

Need an independent press

Dear Editor:A democracy is a government by the people. The domination of government by business is called fascism. In an interview on this subject in 1944, Vice President Wallace noted, “American fascists would have to lie to the people in order to gain power. And because they were in bed with the nation’s largest corporations – who could gain control of newspapers and broadcast media – they could promote their lies with ease.”Our media today, which is basically owned by five very large corporations, control almost all of our public airways and print media. To see who owns the media, go to Big media are a powerful special interest in Washington, and these five large corporations have been paid handsomely by deregulation of the public airwaves and also with huge tax cuts by the Bush administration. Consolidation of the media has meant less independent voices. The media has been dumbing down the public and promoting the White House propaganda at the taxpayers expense.It is against federal law to use public funds to infiltrate our press with propaganda, yet earlier this year we found out that there were “journalists” exposed as propagandists on the White House payroll. Government-funded video news releases were routinely released without disclosing that the White House was the source. This must be working because we still have 40 percent of the population that believes the lies the Bush administration puts out. The Bushies had no time to prepackage news or spin when Hurricane Katrina hit, so the public was exposed to the truth about this inept administration.We need an independent press that is willing to speak truth to power. In the meantime, all of us that know the truth must make our voices heard. If we do not speak up now, it might be too late as more and more of our rights get taken away. To empower people in a true democracy, it is essential that they get critical information that affects their lives. Janet NicholsCarbondale

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