Need a little more money |

Need a little more money

Dear Editor:Thanks and kudos to everyone who circulated and signed the petition, provided input and funding, voted in the election and who otherwise gave help and support to the recall campaign and election.Without all of you this effort would not have been successful. The community came together united in the cause, bringing many different people to the table. It united Democrats and Republicans, and also brought forth a lot of citizens who do not normally participate in politics. It shows that we can make a difference with effort and determination and that, yes, it does take a village to do so.The recall committee has funds of about $4,500 on hand and bills that total about $7,000. We are still accepting donations to defray these advertising expenses. No contribution is too small.Send to the committee to recall DA Colleen Truden at 1204 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. Thanks again for your participation.Sherry A. CaloiaGlenwood Springs

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