Near tragedy on Highway 82 |

Near tragedy on Highway 82

Dear Diary, Saturday, Aug. 30. 10:40 a.m.

We have just left home to drive downvalley. Approaching the intersection of Highway 82 and AABC, the light turned yellow when we were about 50 yards away. We slowed and stopped on the red. A new red Jeep with only a cardboard registration (in lieu of a regular license plate), which had been well to our rear, sped past us on our right and through the red light.

Luckily, the TSA screener and the lady pushing a baby in a stroller hesitated before crossing toward the airport on their green light. Had they not done so, we would have had another tragedy on Highway 82, and would be leaving memorial flowers at this intersection.

Note: the driver of the red Jeep after the light only slowed long enough to allow his buddy in a black Jeep (who had stopped) to catch up to him when the light changed. After that they both sped off in excess of 65 mph only to turn off Highway 82 into the Wildcat subdivision. For all that it is worth, I guess the few inhabitants of Wildcat know who owns the new red Jeep and the black Jeep.

We know of three very lucky pedestrians!

Note to CDOT: Purely a suggestion to help reduce the carnage on Highway 82.

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Is it possible to have all the lights on the highway flash yellow for five seconds (or whatever is feasible), then solid yellow for a time (to be determined) before turning red?

In this way, motorcycles, cars, pickups and 18-wheelers traveling at 65-70 mph might have a shot at stopping rather than annihilating any more of our citizens. Just a thought.

Peter Nicklin