Natives ‘Restless’ over new CD release |

Natives ‘Restless’ over new CD release

John Stroud
Carbondale correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

CARBONDALE ” “It’s all in the music. Just give it a listen,” says Steve Skinner, front man for the latest incarnation of his band, The Natives, of the their new CD, “Restless.”

A local audience will have a chance to do just that on Friday in the intimate setting of Steve’s Guitars in downtown Carbondale, where The Natives are set to play a CD release party.

Opening the show at 8:30 p.m. will be daughter Riley Skinner’s band, The Chiefs, which includes her friends Katie Walker and Selina Theilen. The Natives take the stage at 9 p.m.

The new Natives album has 14 new songs with themes including peace, politics, nature, environmentalism and humor. The band features Skinner on guitar and vocals; Billy Conn on bass and vocals; Louie Girardot on accordion, keyboards and vocals; Dale Coon on lead guitar and vocals and “Captain X” on drums.

The recording explores Latin, rumba, funk, polka, folk, hip-hop and rock. “Restless” was recorded at Skinner’s studio in Carbondale and was mastered at Airshow Studios, an award-winning mastering studio in Boulder.

“The title, “Restless,” is two-fold, referring to the restless state of the world, and the restless state of our musicians who want to explore beyond confines of rock music, and covers,” Skinner explained. “The songs are all originals, except for one traditional polka.

“It’s just a grand expression of my inner artist,” he added. “When you feel like you need to do these things, you’ve just got to do them. It’s satisfying to record and produce, and this is my most accomplished recording as an engineer and producer.”

Skinner has recorded more than a dozen albums and has produced local projects and compilations since the mid-1980s. The Natives first formed in 1986 and played the clubs of Aspen for three years before the restless musicians moved on to other projects.

The newly revitalized Natives have been together for another three years and have focused its restlessness on recording and performing original music.

“Steve Skinner just loves music,” said Steve’s Guitars impresario Steve Standiford. “He has been entertaining his friends and neighbors for decades in the valley where he has played every possible venue, it seems.

“Even his day job as KDNK’s general manager keeps him immersed in music,” Standiford said. “But I think his favorite thing to do is to play new, original songs with his longtime buddies in the Natives.”

A copy of the new album will be included in the $10 admission price at Steve’s.

Several songs from the new album can be heard at the band’s website ”