Native Roots applies for medical in Aspen |

Native Roots applies for medical in Aspen

Karl Herchenroeder
The Aspen Times
Native Roots has applied to incorporate a medical operation into its recreational marijuana shop on Hunter Street.
Lauren Glendenning/The Aspen Times |

Front Range cannabis company Native Roots has applied to incorporate a medical marijuana operation into its recreational shop on South Hunter Street, according to City Clerk Linda Manning.

If the move is approved at an April 7 hearing, Native Roots will become the fifth dispensary in Aspen to operate as a dual recreational-medical shop. A sixth dispenser, Stash, operates solely as a recreational retailer. The town has seen a trend where shops are combining both medical and recreational. This has eliminated medical options for the younger-than-21 crowd, because Colorado law forbids anyone under the legal age for recreational from entering dual locations.

Native Roots Chief Executive Officer Josh Ginsberg said Friday that the plan is to open first with co-habitating operations if approved by the Local Licensing Authority. During the offseason, the company plans to rebuild the South Hunter Street space, formerly home to La Palapa restaurant. He said he and his partners will decide then whether to separate the two operations and open medical to the younger demographic.

“We’re still working on the plans for the store,” Ginsberg said. “We haven’t decided yet. We need to figure out the layout and what makes the most sense.”

Ginsberg said the reasoning behind the move is to reach Aspen’s abundance of medical patients.

“We feel that we need to be able to reach those patients and let them get the medicine that they need,” Ginsberg said. “It doesn’t just have to be a recreational store. We want to be able to support the medical needs of Aspen.”

Native Roots has nine locations and 15 stores across Colorado, and Ginsberg said the company is in the process establishing three more locations.

Other dual locations in Aspen include Alternative Medical Solutions on South Mill Street, Leaf Aspen on East Durant Avenue, Silverpeak Apothecary on East Cooper Avenue and Aspen Green Dragon on East Hyman Avenue. Stash’s recreational store is located on East Durant Avenue.

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