National insecurity |

National insecurity

Dear Editor:

Several shots from Juarez, Mexico, crossed the border last Tuesday into El Paso, Texas, and struck El Paso City Hall. Running gun battles in Arizona between drug and human traffickers have the state’s citizens panicking. The city of Phoenix is now second in the world for kidnappings because of cross-border violence, second only to Mexico City.

There is now a closed-off-to-American-citizens area in our country (that stretches 80 miles along the border and includes part of the U.S. Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge) because of “the increase in drug smugglers and illegal activity which makes it dangerous for Americans to visit,” said a government warning. A million-plus unlawful entries from all over the world into the United States, including entries from persons from terrorist-sponsoring nations, occur every year.

Yet the secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, the poster child for adult attention deficit disorder, says “the southern border has never been more secure than it is today.” Why in the hell is this stupid fool in charge of our national security?!

Mike McGarry


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