Narrowing the field |

Narrowing the field

Dear Editor:For those of us who enjoy racing, this move by Storm the Stars is a very sad precedent.This event has been a popular, fun event enjoyed by a large cross section of valley residents. Race organizers have jacked up the entry fee and, much worse, now demand a $160 pledge obligation. Two problems come to mind. One – a lot of ordinary people do not want to ask others for money, no matter how worthy the cause. Two – you effectively eliminate those who would sign up at the last minute. I feel the pledge demand will cut the field by at least 50 percent and that greatly diminishes the energy and quality of the field.Perhaps a simple compromise might be to make the pledge optional and then reward the pledgers with a better level of raffle prizes.Please understand in no way am I slamming Chris Klug, whom I consider a great athlete and an even better person. He sees an opportunity to make some good money for his passion. I might suggest that he not let a “bottom-line mentality” ruin a fun event.P.S.: Congratulations to Jon Maletz and Nate Peterson for their excellent articles on high school sports. You both are far more appreciated than you know.Joe BrownAspen

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