Nails in Colorado trail spark concern over sabotage of mountain bikers |

Nails in Colorado trail spark concern over sabotage of mountain bikers

Jason Blevins
The Denver Post
A cyclist riding the Prince Creek trail network southeast of Carbondale found this board with protruding nails buried on a singletrack trail in 2014. Another similar booby trap was found in the same area.
Colin Osborn/Courtesy photo |

Tim Fishback was riding the new Little Scraggy Trail in the Buffalo Creek network last weekend when his buddy, Nick Kostecki, got two flat tires in a relatively smooth section. When Fishback returned to help his pal, he too flatted.

They poked around the trail and found a long nail sticking out of the dirt. They tried to pry it up but it was mounted in a concrete brick. More riders on the trail that day reported flats. Across a mile span, Fishback and his friend found three 2-pound bricks that had been formed around 3-inch nails and buried in the middle of the singletrack.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. Someone manufactured these things. It took some effort to dig those holes and put those in there and they were spaced out a good bit. Somebody was trying to do some real harm and they were targeting bikers,” said Fishback, who regularly rides the Buffalo Creek area, where mountain bikers have spent two decades working with the U.S. Forest Service to develop and build one of the state’s richest webs of flowing singletrack.

“That’s the craziest thing,” he said. “Mountain bikers built that trail. I rarely see anyone but mountain bikers on that trail.”

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