Mystery solved |

Mystery solved

Dear Editor:So the big mystery is solved. I, like I’m sure many others, wondered why Assistant District Attorney Vince Felletter did not feel a moral, if not an ethical obligation, to attend the sentencing of Dustin Hite.According to the newspaper reports, he could not even be reached by cell phone. Shame on Mr. Felletter for showing such disrespect to Tim and Susan Terral. I guess after reading last week’s article, he must have been home getting those children’s videos for the office.I don’t know about you, but I’m just loving this “warm and fuzzy” feeling that Vince and Colleen Truden seem to be exuding lately, especially so close to July 11!By the way, Colleen, maybe if you had taken a little of the $6,000 you paid your husband, the office would have been able to afford real plants and decent furniture. That way, you wouldn’t have to pilfer from your house.L. Carol KorisGlenwood Springs