Mystery ad blasts law enforcement |

Mystery ad blasts law enforcement

Naomi Havlen

An advertisement appeared in a local newspaper last week lambasting law enforcement and courts in the 9th Judicial District with a number of serious charges, but the accuser’s identity is a closely guarded secret.The full-page ad in the July 14 Aspen Daily News states that a class-action lawsuit will be filed against the Glenwood Springs Police Department and the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office as well as the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Monetary damages are sought because of the “malicious ‘strong armed’ style of the administration which is biased in nature, extremely prejudiced, unethical, illegal and discriminatory,” the ad says.The ad seeks others with similar complaints about law enforcement and the legal system, asking that grievances be sent to “M.A.C. & Associates” at a Basalt post office box.A representative at the Daily News said information about clients who purchase advertising cannot be given out.But Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallerio has a theory about who wrote the ad. He said the advertisement reminds him of many conflicts he’s had in the past with a man he called a “disgruntled client.” Vallerio didn’t want to identify the person, since he is not certain he is the one who placed the ad.The man was involved in a divorce and was upset with the whole process, taking issue with various court orders that resulted from the breakup of his marriage, Vallerio said. The man has tried to file “threatening lawsuits” and frequently questions the sheriff’s office and the court system on the phone or in person.”He is constantly calling and coming by and demanding that we do things,” said Vallerio, who called the man “a time consumer.” “He has a constitutional right to file cases and lawsuits like anyone does – it’s not anything illegal.”According to Mac Myers, district attorney of the 9th Judicial District, there are several criminal charges pending against the man that Vallerio suspects is behind the ad. Myers said the cases are being handled by a special prosecutor from the 14th Judicial District, because a lawyer with the 9th District has handled cases for the man in the past, constituting a conflict of interest.According to the classified ad, M.A.C. & Associates is a nonprofit organization that wants to help valley residents with similar complaints of discrimination, bias, extreme prejudice and false arrest, among many other complaints.The ad also says the nonprofit will be asking for the immediate resignation of Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson, Assistant Police Chief William Kiminaugh, Vallerio and Under Sheriff Timothy Templou. Assistant District Attorney Lawson Wills and Judge Paul Metzger of the Garfield County Court are also named as officials to be immediately removed from their jobs.Wilson said he knew about the ad and who wrote it, but didn’t want to comment because of possible pending litigation. Wills said he didn’t know anything about who wrote the ad, saying there was some speculation around his office.”There’s not anything about it that makes me think it’s one person or another,” he said. “I don’t know what case it’s talking about, but I’m always happy to be in such good company.”Naomi Havlen’s e-mail address is

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