My vision for peace

Dear Editor:

A rebuttal to a letter of mine was published describing a meeting held on July 15, entitled “Aspen Counter Point” at the Aspen Institute. It was to show that peace is not possible for Israel.

I won’t get into the insults and slanderous attack on me, personally, but I will tell you I could put together a “symposium” with more prominent people that could run circles around Dr. Altman’s cadre of “naysayers.” His “experts” come with an extreme right-wing stance. Google them, and learn why they were the good doctor’s guests to try to scare the “bejesus” out of everyone thinking, or wanting peace for that troubled region of the world.

I’m told, it wasn’t Jacobs who trashed the Aspen Institute’s valuable work to help Palestinians to get bank loans, establish businesses, reduce unemployment and help the quality of life a “waste of money,” it was another panel “expert” who reports on the West Bank. I, along with the Aspen Institute’s leadership and supporters of the Middle East Peace Strategy Group, must be most offended by the “mean spirited” attack on their good work. Not nice, Elaine and Alan. No need for you to apologize to me for your insults, but as members of the renowned and prestigious Aspen Institute you guys owe an apology for that (suspected) “planted” question to Walter and all those trying to create an environment for the people’s peace.

As far as my experience in this “war,” it’s all at My latest endeavor was completed in May 1999. It’s a Regional Peace Plan, When I was in Israel in May 2009, I was told that the president of Israel, Simon Peres, heard of my devotion to peace and asked to meet and thank me. That meeting took place. What an honor! Enclosed is a picture, which included a hand written message from President Peres as follows, “Dear Richard, Thank you for joining in this peace club. “The Club of Peace” May 5, 2010″.

I have contributed over $2 million to peace projects, 70 dialogue groups, 27,000 Jewish and Arab children meeting for the first time, and a Regional Peace Plan for Israel to make peace with the Arab League and Palestine. This 360-page peace offer thanks me, “This work could not have been completed without the generous support of the Middle East Peace Dialogue Network and its founder Richard C. Goodwin, PhD (h.c.). Richard is truly a man of peace and we are grateful for his vision and encouragement.”

The “naysayers” must be upset now that direct talks will start or have started in Washington, thanks to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Ambassador George Mitchell.

I have been to Israel many times, starting in 1955. I have also been to Ramalla, Gaza, Hebron, and all over the West Bank. I support schools and children. Peace is for the Middle East children.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village