My memories of Gary Albert |

My memories of Gary Albert

Dear Editor:

Hundreds of Gary Albert’s friends gathered for a memorial service at Ajax Park on Sunday afternoon to honor him, tell stories and exchange memories.

I first met Gary almost 14 years ago at the old Cafe Ink. I was invited to join a table that sat in the center stage by Boogie, where he and Gary, Bob Jacobson, Richie Pearlstone and “Super Dave” gathered every morning to drink coffee, eat muffins and solve the problems of the world and Aspen. It was a boys club in the best tradition, visited by the occasional female and others such as Gary Geiger and Michael Goldberg.

My favorite memories of G-Man took place there. Gary would come in and order the same two warmed muffins every morning. After they arrived at the table, he would then cut off the tops and give the bottom of the muffins to “Super Dave.”

Later, Boogie would show up with tales of the previous night’s escapade; those were his single days, which would always include a woman (girl) who had fewer years on her than the shirt I was wearing. Gary would always question Boogie as to why he didn’t date more mature women, like his beloved wife Kathleen, and Boogie would explain that older woman were too complicated.

Before long we’d get around to talking sports, and I would ask Gary if he watched the Knicks game. “They suck,” was Gary’s usual response. And they did.

Local politics made its way to the table, and again Gary had his opinion: “Corrupt … they’re all corrupt.” He then would tell me that I had to do something about it on my show. I’d invite him to come on and talk about the issue that had him upset, but he never accepted – it was not what he did.

I’ll remember Gary as a lovable curmudgeon who enjoyed his muffin tops, had an opinion about everything, was always willing to help anyone, loved his family and enjoyed his life to the fullest.

I will miss Gary.

Andrew Kole


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