My first no – and why |

My first no – and why

Dear Editor:Vote no to the Aspen school’s request for $33 million because:1. It was proposed by a lame-duck school board. Three of the members who served for many, many years are leaving. The newly elected board members and the two recently (2003) elected members are the ones to make the decision.2. If the state passes referendums C and D (which I urge voters to vote for) there will be more state money filtering down to the Aspen schools.3. Hopefully the new school board will review class size and realize that it is unrealistic for a public school to mandate such small size classes and expect the community to pay for it. I would urge Aspen parents to look at some of their old school pictures and discover they had a good public education with as many as 20 kids in K-2; 22-24 kids in third and fourth grades, and as many as 25 kids in grades 5-12. Get real and don’t expect me to pay for private school size classes. Send your kids to private school and pay for it yourself.4. It is my understanding there is still some money left over from the $44 million dollar high school referendum (a state-of-the-art high school with no little theater).In all my years as a parent and grandparent, this is my first no on a school referendum. As Dr. Bill Mitchell says, “Aspen children deserve better.” So repair the roof, allow for class sizes to be increased by a child or two and get on with the business of education with the money you have.Margery FridsteinSnowmass Village

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