My choice is Gerry |

My choice is Gerry

Choices. Life is full of choices. My father once told me that we are the product of the choices that we make. This November we will make some important choices. One choice that I will make, is clear for me.

Sandberg. That’s right. I choose Gerry Sandberg.

I have had the privilege to work with Gerry for nearly 12 years now. When he told me that he was contemplating a run, I discouraged Gerry from running.

I did this for two reasons. I felt that he had a strong chance of winning, and I did not want to lose him as a valued member of my staff.

You see, Gerry has been a bulldog about working on tough cases for crime victims. Because he values input, we talked heart-to-heart early on. I told him that contested races are very draining and they can get ugly.

Gerry sat, reflected, and then smiled at me. He reminded me he had served as a Marine, he’d served as a school board member (a form of Marine duty), and he served as an investigator that solved horrible incest and child abuse cases.

I looked at him and I knew at that moment that he would run. He’s lived draining and made it before, and he has seen truly ugly and then did something about it.

I choose Gerry Sandberg, and here are just two of the many reasons:

1. Having worked side-by-side with him for nearly 12 years, I respect him. I trust him. I admire his stick-to-it-ness and his work ethic. I honestly know him. I know that power will not change the core of who he is or what he believes in.

I know that power will not change the way that he treats other people. Power will not blur his vision, or erode his judgment. I know that he will study, review, listen and then do the right thing. These qualities are important to me.

2. He will stay and he will work full-time for all of us. There are no state house or senate races on the horizon for Gerry. He will serve as long as you want him to serve.

Gerry is not wealthy, but he served two tours of duty for our school board for the whopping sum of nothing. The office he is running for will pay less than the salary he earns as an investigator.

It is not about the power or the money to Gerry, and it never will be. It is about trying to make our community a better place. These qualities are also important to me.

I heard my father argue a criminal case once long ago. He was overwhelmed, and he was beat. He stood up slowly in closing arguments in a heated jury trial. He looked into the eyes of the jury. He reminded the jury that they were justice. Not the law, not the judge, not the prosecutor. They were justice.

He reminded them that when they went back to the jury room, no judge, no lawyer or clerk could tell them what was right or just. I watched as they listened to him. When they came back in they acted just.

When you step in and close the figurative curtain to cast your vote, respect the fact that you are not simply a Democrat or Republican or an Independent. Like the honest jury in my dad’s case, YOU are charged with a much higher duty. As you cast your vote, more than anything else you serve as a citizen charged with hiring the best candidate for your community.

As for me and my choice, I will choose Gerry Sandberg.

F. Michael Goodbee,

Eagle County district attorney

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