My apologies, please |

My apologies, please

I would like to extend my unreserved apologies to Pete Luhn for a comment I made in a previous letter.

In my correspondence I accused Mr. Luhn of having at least some education. I further suggested that he had eliminated from his nonsensical ramblings his characteristic childish grammatical errors. As evidenced by his latest unreadable gibberish, however, I was utterly wrong.

It appears that Mr. Luhn meant to claim that the ranks were firmed up, not “formed up” (another of his incomprehensible non-sequiturs), and that he was guilty of a basic fourth-grade error when waxing lyrical about “a duo comprised of McAllister … and Luhn.” The “of” is redundant, as any writer worth his salt would know. The correct sentence would read “a duo comprising McAllister … and Luhn.”

I hope Mr. Luhn will forgive me. I promise never again to suggest to your readers that he is any more educated than the average petty thug.

Jonathan Rice


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