Must give cancer survivors a chance |

Must give cancer survivors a chance

Dear Editor:

My name is Veronica Smith, and I am a cancer survivor.

I want you all to know the darker side of breast cancer. I had a decent job and a fiance, and I lived in Aspen. Well, it all went to hell once I started this long and agonizing journey. I had to have chemotherapy. I went to Aspen Valley Hospital for that, and I love the girls there; they took really good care of me. I have a wonderful friend who would come and sit with me through all this chemo. Doreen Trujillo, I love you, girl. Doreen would sit with me and then drive me home. My ex-fiance couldn’t because the people we worked for wouldn’t even think of letting him sit with me. Thank God for friends.

Things got bad at our job. These people didn’t care if I had doctor’s appointments. We had no insurance, so I had to get on the Colorado Indigent Care Program. If you haven’t been around someone who has gone through chemo, well, I recommend that you do. I wasn’t right in the head, treating my ex badly. I didn’t mean to, but it was all the chemicals that were being put into my body.

Well, I left around July 15 of last year. My ex and I weren’t getting along, these rich people didn’t want to have to deal with my sickness, so another good friend, Samantha Wakefield, opened her heart and home to me. That actually worked out because I had to go to Grand Junction for my radiation treatment. I would catch a ride with her and stay the whole week at an amazing place.

Rose Hill Hospitality House was my home in Grand Junction for five weeks. This place is awesome. It’s a facility that houses people who have emergencies or have to go through chemo or radiation. Everyone who touched my life in Grand Junction, I love you all. A lot of folks don’t know the side effects of radiation. Besides having a scar from the radiation, my memory isn’t there. My mind is not back. I found out the hard way, thinking that I could go back to work. I had to – I’m not rich, got no man in my life, so the only person I can rely on is me.

I had to quit my job. Why? Because my memory sucks; I can’t multitask anymore. And the bitch I worked with, (name omitted), you have no clue what I’ve been through. Last laugh is on your ass, having to pick up my shifts.

All I’m asking for is you to realize you have no clue why people are a little spacey or can’t multitask; don’t treat them like they are lazy or are just stupid. I’m asking for a chance to prove myself. I’m not a bad person – I’m a survivor!

Veronica Smith

Snowmass Village


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