Must follow the law |

Must follow the law

(This letter was originally addressed to Basalt Mayor Rick Stevens and the Basalt Board of Trustees.)

I am speaking as President of the Basalt Regional Library Board. Please be advised that no action is to be considered or taken at the request of individual library board members without a letter of direction from the library director after public comment, discussion and a vote by the library board.

It is unsupportable and unacceptable that the library board be seen as represented by individuals who do not have the authorization of the library board to request trades, swaps and negotiations on behalf of the library district without due process in a regularly scheduled and posted board meeting which is open to and includes the public. Our board must and will follow Colorado State Statutes regarding open meeting laws. We are a tax funded public entity and some board members do not wish to be perceived as making deals behind closed doors. This should be important to you as the Basalt Board of Trustees may not want to be included in that perception should It come to pass.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration regarding this matter.

Polly Pollard

President, Basalt Regional Library Board of Trustees

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