Must dogs be invisible, too? |

Must dogs be invisible, too?

Dear Editor:

Traveling up the lower Hunter Creek trail today, poop bags along, a full one in the pack, I got “busted” by a ranger for not having the dawg on a leash. It was explained that that is the posted rule. It was also expressed that the ranger had just spoken with a lady on the trail who “did not like to see dogs on the trail,” not to mention have them “come up to her.” Hmmm. … The leash laws are there, so be it.

The dog got leashed but, darn it, I just didn’t pack a shroud to make sure sensitive ladies could not “see” the critter. Besides the dogs-disturbing-wildlife issue, their very presence apparently upsets people on the trail. So rather than a $100 fine “next time,” a reluctant respect for the rule it is. But, hey, while we are on the subject of sensitivities, could the fearful-female-city dwellers cut back a bit on the perfumes they are shrouded in and which linger 100 feet or so down the trail after they pass by? We are all out there for the fresh air as well as the exercise. Thank you for your consideration, and here is hoping that you don’t see any unleashed wildlife that you don’t like while on your stroll through the woods.

Oh yes, Smuggler. Picking up the poop really does help AND a good percentage of those bags “left” on the trail are picked up by hikers who just didn’t want to carry a stinky bag up the trail before returning back down. That is why so many of them are left in sight out on the trail, so we don’t “forget” to pick them up on the way down. No harm in picking up another’s bag, too, on the way down if you are so inclined.

Anne Byard


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