Music director takes the fall |

Music director takes the fall

I’m disappointed that Sloan Shoemaker decided to put the board’s spin on the dismissal of Skip Naft as music director of KDNK. His letter to the local papers sparks more questions than it answers.

First of all, the proposed librarian position will cost more than $5,000 per year, while Skip was only making $15,000 annually in the part-time roll of music director. Does Sloan expect us to believe that the station’s budget crunch can be solved with $10,000 fewer in expenses?

Second, why would a music station eliminate the position of music director, while retaining a “news director” whose sole function appears to be the generation of a five-minute newscast once a day?

Third, what other belt-tightening measures are being taken? Fourth, what is the source of the budgetary problems? Is it declining revenue? If so, what source is down? Is it underwriting, membership, auction, grants or what? And why are those sources in decline? Who’s responsible for that? Certainly not the music director.

It appears that Skip’s taking the fall for the shortcomings of others, and Sloan’s letter does little to cover up that obvious fact.

Craig Silberman

Member, volunteer and DJ at KDNK