Museum would put locals back to work |

Museum would put locals back to work

Dear Editor:

More on the Aspen Art Museum …

I don’t have a horse in this race, and I can’t vote one way or the other, but it seems to me we’re in a recession and should be working hard to get people back to work.

I’m not a big art fan, most of it’s way over my head, but there’s an awful lot of people that get great joy and inspiration from art. We have an opportunity to not only develop and quadruple the use of an outdated, underutilized public facility, we have an opportunity to help our community WITHOUT government assistance! As a matter of fact, they wish to put some desperately needed money in the city’s coffers and spark the redevelopment of an area of town with few redeeming features ” a parking garage, an information center, a hideous recycle area (?), and a great lunch place with no parking available!

Here is a group of donors, some with world renowned art collections themselves, that have raised over $20 million (Firm!) to build and create a showcase for art enthusiasts worldwide! They’ve planned for an endowment to run the facility once it’s open, so it doesn’t fall on the taxpayers lap after a few years. Everything I’ve heard, seen, and read contradicts the scare tactics I’ve seen promoted by the anti-museum group. They kind of remind me of the NIMBYs that created and continue to promote the ridiculous bottleneck in and out of Aspen.

What could be wrong with using private money to put our construction locals back to work in these tough times? Especially something that would add so much prestige and attraction to our town!

What could be wrong with having a world class art museum to increase the draw and appeal of our valley to the world in these tough times?

What could be wrong with change if it serves the arts, the community, and the economy? Especially if it’s privately funded charity!

I’d vote yes for the sale, if I could …

Curtis Schwab


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