Museum fellows present work on Friday

Locally based artists to share museum-sponsored projects with public

The 2021 class of Aspen Art Museum Artist Fellows will unveil their projects and share them with the community Friday evening.

This year’s group includes ceramicist Louise Deroualle, painters Dave Durrance, Monica Goldsmith and Lindsay Jones, photo artist Trace Nichols and installation artist Lara Whitley.

Presentations will run on the museum rooftop from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Friday with a reception to follow.

Running since 2018, the nine-month program provides support and mentorship annually for a group of six artists based between Aspen and Rifle. The group meets monthly with museum staffers and to visit one another’s studios as each fellow develops a fellowship project.

For 2022, for instance, Whitley is staging a “Forest Spiral” earthwork as a follow-up to her “Earthly Palace Forest Shrine,” an impermanent work she created at the Aspen Space Station on Aspen Mountain in July. In her presentation, Whitley will premiere a short film by Johier Begay about the “Earthly Palace” work and will share details about the in-progress “Forest Spiral.”

To attend, RSVP to


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