Museum embodies Aspen Idea |

Museum embodies Aspen Idea

Dear Editor:

I am stunned by the vitriol triggered by the new Aspen Art Museum. Truly. I can’t understand the basis for the attacks. The plan meets code and the property is private. Please consider that neither the Paepcke Auditorium nor The Given Institute would have passed muster under the scrutiny being applied to the art museum design. Our “community character” demands that we encourage risk and venture forth where others dare not tread – transparent walls, no less. What fun!

Design by committee diminishes great visions – look what happened to Highlands. In 30 years our grandchildren will be arguing over whether the art museum building deserves historic designation – or not. Times change and values shift, and that is a primary message of history. In context, this building deserves its chance for prosperity through a lens of time that we can’t provide.

Consider the possibility that accumulated experiences will allow us to cherish the new art museum, fostering similar affection as we feel for The Given Institute now. The design doesn’t threaten our community character; to the contrary, it embodies the underlying tenets of The Aspen Idea.

Georgia Hanson


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