Murder and mayhem |

Murder and mayhem

For the record, I acknowledge and abhor Saddam’s human rights abuses. Iraqis had many freedoms under secular Ba’ath party rule, but political dissent was not among them.

Human rights abuses against political prisoners is common in many countries, but it has never been justification for “liberation.”

When did this war become about liberation anyway? “Regime change” for any reason is a crime under International Law. Every sovereign nation has the right to self-determination.

The U.S. committed a crime by invading Iraq and deposing its government. But with no weapons of mass destruction to be found, the demonization of Saddam Hussein and the clever motto, “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” became a last desperate attempt to justify an illegal invasion.

Meanwhile, the once civil and orderly society I observed in Baghdad has been reduced to chaos. While the press announces the end of the war, Iraqis are caught in an endless cycle of disruption, devastation, and agony.

Children are not attending school, adults are not going to work, the electricity and water are gone, the money is gone, the city is in shambles.

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Yes, there are some Iraqis who view this as an opportunity to be taken advantage of. But there are many more, never shown on network television, who are suffering the loss of their homes, families, limbs and vital organs.

This is no liberation. This is murder and mayhem.

The illegal U.S. invasion has been successful only in devastating an entire culture and paving the way for civil war.

Sue Gray