Mulcahy takes state senate campaign to new high with ‘fine dining cannabis exploration’ |

Mulcahy takes state senate campaign to new high with ‘fine dining cannabis exploration’

Lee Mulcahy of Aspen is running as a Libertarian candidate in the race for Colorado Senate District 5.
Aubree Dallas/The Aspen Times |

An Aspen man who is running for state senate plans to take his campaign to a new high on Saturday.

Lee Mulcahy, a Libertarian candidate for Senate District 5, will host a “fine dining cannabis exploration” dinner at his house. The invitation for the event says it will be “an elevating dining experience exploring cannabis cuisine.” Chef Randy Placeres, of Aspen Culinary Solutions, will prepare the food.

Placeres said he will use a variety of infused oils and butters on the food he prepares. The first course, for example, is a yellowtail crudo with coconut-ginger sativa oil.

“I haven’t been this excited about food in a long time,” Placeres said.

The THC levels in the food will be at a modest level. “This is not a stoner event,” the chef said.

Nevertheless, attendees must take public transportation or have a designated driver, according to the invitation. The dinner is designed to acquaint voters with Mulcahy’s platform and “educate diners on the benefits of marijuana and showcase how marijuana can be incorporated into the fine dining experience.” The event will be held at 7 p.m. at 53 Forge Road in Burlingame. Anyone who wants to attend must RSVP to Potluck

“The experience takes place in the comfort of a private home in compliance with Colorado state law,” the invite said.

It also coincides with the 2014 Food & Wine extravaganza.

Mulcahy said he isn’t concerned about offending voters with the event. He said he supports legalization of marijuana because that was the will of Colorado voters when they approved Amendment 64.

“My campaign is about federal overreach and making the government work for the people,” he said.

The campaign for the senate seat is just starting to heat up. Gail Schwartz, a Democrat from Snowmass Village, cannot run again because of term limits. Mulcahy’s opponents are Vail Democrat Kerry Donovan and Republican Don Suppes, of Orchard City in Delta County.

Suppes said he personally is “anti-marijuana,” and he wouldn’t host the type of dinner that Mulcahy is putting on. However, Colorado voters approved legalization, and he has no problem with Mulcahy’s decision to host the event, he said.

Suppes said the event likely would appeal to some voters. “It depends on which voters he’s trying to appeal to,” Suppes said. “We may all be surprised by how much support he gets.”

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