Mudslides damage Basalt homes |

Mudslides damage Basalt homes

Paul Conrad/The Aspen Times

At least a half-dozen homeowners in Basalt’s Elk Run subdivision are cleaning up mud that oozed onto their property and in a couple cases into their homes today after a torrential downpour Sunday night.

A syrupy goop flowed into three window wells before breaking the glass and filling the basement of a home on Hearthstone Drive with sludge about four feet high. No one was injured. A construction site, where a foundation was dug, and an adjacent house on Hearthstone Drive were also damaged by the mudslide.

Four homes on Columbine Court, also in the eastern part of the Elk Run subdivision, were targeted by a separate river of mud. One yard was covered in up to six inches of thick, red silt. The river flowed across two other yards before some of it settled in the basement of a fourth house.

See Tuesday’s Aspen Times for more on the damage.

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