Much-needed support |

Much-needed support

Dear Editor:Over the last two weeks, our family has been blessed to experience the support, love and graciousness this valley so freely gives. When our son and brother, Blake Davidson, was caught in an avalanche on Dec. 21, ski patrollers on Snowmass Mountain rushed to the site in a mere 20 minutes, mostly on foot, to assist him. The Aspen Skiing Co. closed the upper lift in order to allow everyone to respond to the scene. Those patrollers, Monte McConnell, Craig Chalmers, Wes Reynolds, Alan Feder, Scott Engel, Jim Ingram, Charlotte Fox, Patsy Hileman, Scott Northrup, Sean Rynes, John Perko, Mike Walter, Dan Walsh, Harry Smith, Greg Hettrich, Patrick Drake, John Coulter and Matt Huber have our family’s respect and gratitude for the speed with which they responded and their professionalism in attending to Blake.Blake surrounded himself with the most loyal and genuine of friends; the celebration hosted by the Lava Room, which Blake’s employer Kenichi helped organize, was proof of that. DJ Mike Nakag & his wife Denine helped create the appropriately upbeat atmosphere. AJ Smollen (AJSML), Drew Lederer (Fatman Productions) and Zach Ornitz (High Society) ensured Blake’s smiling likeness graced the room around us. Reggie Charles, Jason Flynn, Jay Morin and Jeremy Rungi (founders of High Society, Blake’s sponsors and friends) went above and beyond to support our family and honor Blake’s memory. His friends, including Matt Goodwin, Trey Miller and Justin Owensby, made the effort to approach each family member to express their love for Blake.The staff at Farnum-Holt treated us with the utmost of care and kindness, and the Snowmass Village Police Department continued to search for Blake’s car until it was found. Bill Tomcich, president of StayAspenSnowmass, stayed in constant phone contact throughout hellish travel while the Aspen Skiing Co., another of Blake’s sponsors, did everything in its power to help us through this difficult time. Mike Kaplan arranged for our family to be together, and kept in contact with us. Doug Mackenzie and Steve Sewell arranged for Blake’s memorial at the top of Elk Camp, and Gina Pogliano was always ready and willing to smooth out wrinkles and grease the wheels.Having read this type of letter in the past, we remember glancing over names of people mentioned and moving on. Now, it is so clear that each of those names represents a person who has touched lives and shown care, concern and compassion. It is our hope that those whose names are listed here rest assured that we have felt your love and care. For those we have inadvertently omitted, our apologies; you are no less special to us.Bruce Davidson, Nikki Angelo, Brittany Davidson and Nancy FestaCarbondale and Glenwood Springs


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