Ms. Gray is scary |

Ms. Gray is scary

Ms. Sue Gray – “libel”? Come on, don’t be ridiculous. Mr. Hershey merely expressed his (very defensible) interpretation of your feelings toward the U.S. government and its military.

But boy, you sure set him straight. How dare he be so presumptuous! At least now we know how you really feel.

Thanks for clearing that up because for a moment there I thought you really believed those intriguing and entertaining conspiracy theories you’ve repeatedly blessed us with, as well as your relentless attempts to demonize America for every problem the world has experienced since the demise of the unicorn.

Ms. Gray, you are not the poor, oppressed, unfairly maligned prophet of truth and justice that you hold yourself out to be. It’s a neat little PR ploy, but I hope others can see through it, just as I hope they can see through that same tactic so skillfully used by the Palestinian terrorists to gain sympathy for a fabricated grievance.

And if you don’t like that analogy, you are just beginning to sense the offense some of us take at your attempts to equate the United States to Nazi Germany. By doing so, you trivialize the unspeakable horrors that the Nazi regime visited upon the human race. However awful you believe our country’s foreign policy to be, I can assure you, there is still no comparison.

I don’t question your patriotism, Ms. Gray. I really don’t care whether you’re a patriot or not. In my opinion, patriotism is pretty much an overrated and unenlightened expression of the artificial borders and differences we erect to remain separate from one another – much like organized religion, for that matter.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. You continue to give us your take on the world with the unbending certainty of an Islamic fundamentalist, with no room for opposing points of view; on a personal vendetta when your sacred fortress of beliefs is challenged, and that’s what makes you scary.

Fortunately there are folks like Mr. Hershey with the courage and insight to counter your propaganda with another point of view and some very compelling historical arguments.

Rather than waste your time feeling hurt and misunderstood, why don’t you stick to what you do best – manufacturing and misinterpreting history and current events to bolster your cause.

But at least permit Mr. Hershey and others the freedom to clean up your mess and hopefully let anyone who may be listening know that just because you speak loud and speak often, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you speak the truth. (By the way, that ain’t libel either.)

Thank you Mr. Hershey.

Doug Weiser

Old Snowmass

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