Mr. Lay continues to eat well |

Mr. Lay continues to eat well

Ken Lay, former CEO of ENRON was sitting at an adjoining table at Rustique on Aug. 28, 2002.

Since we know that Mr. Lay is a good friend of both the current President “Select” Bush and his father the former President Bush, why should we be surprised to see them out dining in good spirits in Aspen?

Our table avoided contact but I wanted your readers in Aspen to know that some our favorite corporate American criminals (CAC?) are still at large in the good old mining town.

Next time that you are out dining in Aspen, maybe it’s time to remind the Owner that they could have a sign that says “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!”

Or, maybe all of our business owner’s could keep a complimentary copy of Michael Moore’s book, STUPID WHITE MEN, which has a whole chapter devoted to Mr. Lay who earlier was the Chief Adviser to the current “President,” of course before ENRON was “unveiled.” This would be a great book to have handy to give to Mr. Lay.

Too bad we haven’t heard much about ENRON from the Attorney General’s office. I guess he is pretty busy covering up nude sculptures across the land and interviewing suspected terrorists being held for eventual investigation. Shouldn’t Homeland Security include financial security?, the kind that Mr. Lay helped to destroy with his buddies.

Of course he knows ENRON involves both President Bush and his father, and of course Mr. Lay next to our table in Aspen.

Seven Erik Alstrom, AIA


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