Movie stars need paparazzi |

Movie stars need paparazzi

Dear Editor:

I have to throw in my two cents about recent paparazzi activity in Aspen. I frankly could give a rat’s asspen if Goldie wants to leave the valley. She is merely a millionaire and should relocate to the Willits area. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but are the millionaires not selling out to the billionaires and moving downvalley to anxiously await the arrival of the Whole Foods store?

Here’s the hard fact of life as a movie star, as John Norman sees it. All the money I alone spent going to the movie theater for 37 years, buying over priced popcorn, sodas with way too much ice and too little fluid, feet sticking to the floor, running to the toilet and wondering what I missed in the plot, hope my beer bottle doesn’t roll down the floor to the front row and make a tremendous noise, paid for Goldie’s and Kurt’s Aspen home. Did you see “Escape From L.A.”? I felt raped when I left the theater! Wanted to go home, curl up on the shower floor and cry! Thank God for Netflix and the “pause” button!

Paparazzi are part of the paycheck for movie stars! Period! These days there are very few original movies. Everything is a sequel or triquel or quadquel. The movie stars’ debt to society (since they profit so dearly on ticket sales) is to be photographed in their natural habitat. I don’t hear the animals at the nation’s zoos bitching about being photographed, and all they get is room and board. No house in Aspen for Simba and Ling Ling.

Suck it up, smile and say “cheese” wearing your fur coats as you get into your Hummer that has never seen dirt under the tires.

Then maybe the photogs will leave you alone. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with high-speed chases and dangerous tactics that put the movie ticket purchasing public in harm’s way. That would be bad for ticket sales. But maybe if Goldie and others paused for a moment and gave them the shot they are after, they would not feel the need to chase after them.

Hell, I feel I should get an autographed photo of every star that I paid to go see their crappy movie. And at one time or another, they all agree to do a crappy movie, ’cause they need the dough to pay taxes on the Aspen and other vacation mansion. That’s just my two cents.

John Norman


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