Movie madness |

Movie madness

In the old days, usually during Ute City’s off-season, one or two (we only had three) of the big screens would sometimes put up a porn film to collect a few shekels and try to bust the locals out of the mind-bending boredom of late October or early May.

I’m glad to see this tradition of pornography, albeit of the Christian kind, has returned to Stage 3. That Mel Gibson would spring this gruesome slasher flick on God’s lambs the first Day of Lent is prefectorial in both its political timing and its inappropriateness. That our president “can’t wait” to see this biblically spun epic makes me want to give up movies forever.

When I think of Jesus, I think of love and forgiveness, and peace and freedom. I don’t think of hollowing madness and pain, and finger-pointing fundamentalism.

Patrick Hasburgh