Move over, Disneyland

Dear Editor:Thank goodness the US Forest Service is looking out for us (“Forest Service seeks a more rustic design at Sam’s Knob,” Aug. 1)! I mean, really, who would want an interesting, modern, forward-looking, attractive building that is well-scaled and sited and takes advantage of views with (heaven forbid) glass walls? Seriously, where are the logs and river rock? How could anyone have the chutzpah to not include those ‘indigenous’ materials (that would no doubt be shipped in from Canada)?How dare the SkiCo and the architect be so brash by thinking that maybe a modern building should be ‘contemporary’? The gall!! Plus, the architect thought about how to shed snow and let that influence the design? Mr. Ernemann, hang your head in shame! Leave these things to people who really know what they are doing like forest supervisor Maribeth Gustafson. (I must say thanks to the Bush Administration for implementing these well thought out rules – we wouldn’t want to take any extra time away from real issues like environmental impact from gas drilling or anything.)And kudos to the SkiCo for not appealing the Forest Service decision. So what if Alta just completed a beautiful modern building, who cares if the rules are not being applied consistently? Log and stone, we can do that no problem. In fact, I bet I know where we can save some time on all this design nonsense, just give Vail a call and ask if we can borrow some plans.I can’t wait to sip my hot toddy in an old fashioned log and stone building, it’s gonna feel just like a Disneyland amusement park. Then I’ll lace up my leather boots, grab my bamboo poles and wooden skis, and go wedeling down the mountain. I just can’t wait.Erik HendrixBasalt


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