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Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, April 17, Roaring Fork Valley citizens who are concerned with our current national government organized a bake sale in Carbondale in support of Move On PAC. This bake sale was just one of more than a thousand that were held across the nation on April 17 in order to raise funds for Move On.

The thought behind this type of fund raising was to prove to George W. Bush that it doesn’t take high-rolling CEOs to write $2,000 checks in order to raise adequate campaign funds; all it takes is a group of folks who are willing to support grass roots efforts.

I just want to congratulate all those who participated in the bake sale. Even on short notice (we decided late Thursday evening to hold the bake sale), our event raised $660. Move On was able to raise over $750,000 across the country as a result of their “Bake Back The White House” campaign.

There were many people who played an important role in making this fund-raiser possible, as well as getting new voters registered. Thanks to everyone who worked at the bake sale, those who baked the tasty goodies, and, of course, those of you who came by to offer your support!

If you missed out on the bake sale but are interested in becoming one of the 1,700,000 current Move On members who are working to create a regime change of our own in the United States, just visit the Web site at

Nicki Leniton