Mountain Rescue deserves thanks |

Mountain Rescue deserves thanks

Dear Editor:Earlier this summer, a young woman lay moribund in a tent at a remote campsite in our valley. She was suffering from a life-threatening case of bacterial meningitis. A team from Mountain Rescue, at great potential risk to themselves, evacuated this patient from the mountains and brought her to Aspen Valley Hospital where she was treated. She has subsequently had a full recovery.The prompt response and swift evacuation of this woman unquestionably were key in saving her life. It is not unusual for people with life-threatening medical problems to be brought to safety through the professional efforts of members of Mountain Rescue. The heroics involved in many of these rescues and resuscitations are often taken for granted in a community where we are used to hearing of people going at risk.I would like to acknowledge the professionalism of the members of Mountain Rescue in this and other rescue attempts and encourage the community to continue to support the work of this organization. Those of us who live, work and play in this valley are most fortunate to have their expertise.Ann Mass, M.D.Dennis Jordanides, M.D.Aspen