Mountain Mayhem: This is Halloween |

Mountain Mayhem: This is Halloween

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
Maria Rojas as a monarch butterfly with her little man, Max.
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I’d be hard pressed to name a holiday that I love more than the one we just celebrated earlier this week. Halloween makes fall more fun and brings out wit, creativity, and humor with costumes and themes, creating an infectious energy for kids of all ages.

In Aspen, all the haunts were a hit this year from Caribou Club and the Elks Lodge opening their doors to one and all, costumes required. Trick-or-treaters surfaced as usual at Aspen’s official Halloween headquarters of the North 40 neighborhood.

I skipped town to spend some time at the beach, crossing paths with many Aspenites who were also in Hawaii for a tropical holiday.

Cooper, Lauren and Steve Russell celebrate Halloween in Aspen.
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Sheila from the AppleTV show “Physical” with a jellyfish played by Christy Mahon.
A Maui Halloween meet-up with seven Aspen friends — and even more not pictured.
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A gaggle of witch doctors meet a voodoo child on the street played by MarySue Bonetti.
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All bark and no bite: Jules Bouchard celebrates his first Halloween as a pup.
“Pat Sajak” and “Vanna White” all dressed up and ready to trick-or-treat in Basalt.
“Yellowstone” season 5 premieres Nov. 13, and Beth and Rip are ready, perfectly depicted by Leelee von Stade and Doug Pearson at a Halloween party in Montana.
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Charlotte Porter as a bunny with her little twins dressed as Tigger and Piglet.
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