Mountain Mayhem: The joys of off-season

Kevin Hutchens with Luky Seymour at his send-off party this fall after having worked and lived in Aspen since 1993. He’s now off to the Lake of the Ozarks to be near family.
May Selby/Courtesy photo

Following the frenetic pace of summer, the fall offers a welcome respite with a quieter scene and slower pace around town. Finding parking spots downtown – a cinch. Walking into restaurants – little to no need for reservations. Going to the movies – buy a ticket on the fly. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent some time at the Elks Lodge 224 where I’m a proud member, joining social events like pumpkin carving in October and attending an end-of-season banquet for our son’s Mountain West Football league another night. 

Enjoy the calm before the storm – ski season is just around the corner.

A ski slopes-themed retirement cake for Kevin Hutchens who worked at the top of Aspen Mountain in various roles for decades.
May Selby/Courtesy photo
New dad Steve Denny with his little guy Theo at the Aspen Elks Lodge this fall.
May Selby/Courtesy photo
Friends Robin White and Stephanie Stach on a quiet night at the Elks Lodge this off-season.
May Selby/Courtesy photo
Rob Leventhal, birthday girl Danielle Leffler, and Guy Pisano at the Aspen Elks Lodge in October.
May Selby/Courtesy photo
Hospitable host Colton Black, F&B director at Alpina restaurant downtown. The lunch and happy hour spot is open Tuesdays-Sundays this off-season.
May Selby/Courtesy photo
Steve Skadron gets into the spirit during a carving party in October.
May Selby/Courtesy photo
Three generations of Gallaghers at the Elks Lodge – RJ, Beau, and Cal.
Courtesy photo
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