Mountain Mayhem: Surprise! |

Mountain Mayhem: Surprise!

May Selby
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

May SelbyCoach Ketchum with his wife Mardi and friend Garland Smith who traveled from Germany expressly for the party.

To his astonishment, when he arrived at Crave for dinner several Saturdays ago, Steve Ketchum was greeted by a restaurant full of friends and family members wishing him a happy birthday. The father of four, Aspen High School teacher and varsity boys’ basketball coach was completely caught off guard thanks to the efforts of his wily wife.

Mardi Ketchum lured her husband to dinner under the pretense of an intimate family get-together the night before his benchmark big five-o. Upon arrival, the coach was nearly knocked to his feet. Guests of all ages helped ring in the celebration ” close friends, kids, relatives ” even current and former players on his basketball teams. Adrian Suffren, one of his star players from back in the day, flew in from North Carolina with his wife. “I haven’t seen him in fifteen years,” said Suffren. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

Another former colleague came all the way from Germany. Over the past twelve months or so, Mardi devised the details of the party with the help of their four sons who helped keep the secret under wraps.

“My wife’s amazing ” she’s been sneaking around for the past year planning this, talking to friends of mine who don’t even talk to me,” joked the guest of honor. “Not sure how I’ll top this ” we’ll get her back, though.”