Mountain Mayhem: Chalet Louis Vuitton in Aspen

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem

Last week was particularly chic in Aspen with a luxurious Louis Vuitton activation at a private residence on Red Mountain. “Chalet Louis Vuitton” was a week-long residency featuring an evening reception on Feb. 26 as the pinnacle of the pop-up, hosted for clients from Aspen and farther afield.

Members of the brand’s executive team including Megan Bailey, Director of Client Development, and Thomas Haupt, Senior Vice President, U.S. Retail, were in attendance for the reception, welcoming guests to the beautifully appointed home, which showcased signature items from its line of travel-inspired furniture, Objets Nomades, as well as apparel and handbags.

Among the items gracing the house were trunks stacked in various vertical arrangements, clothing displayed in contemporary closets, purses placed on armoires and shelves, an ornate gondola set on the veranda overlooking Aspen Mountain and its fur Cocoon chair by designers Fernando and Humberto Campana suspended in the living area.

A table with swatches, brushes and oil paints was a star attraction where Louis Vuitton artisans Logan Loiselle and David Ochoa displayed several of their hand-painted designs on signature pieces. The artisan program sets the brand apart from other haute couturiers, explained Ochoa, as they offer to personalize clients’ pieces through hot stamping, monogramming and hand painting. Loiselle and Ochoa are two of seven artisans across the U.S. who offer these special order services and provide artistic demonstration during in-store events and pop-ups like this one in Aspen. Guest Suzanne Redfield was thrilled, having brought one of her vintage handbags to the party, which she parted ways with to have her initials and other iconic designs painted on the exterior. In doing so, new life is infused into her cherished object, enhanced by hand then shipped to her this spring to carry with pride.