Motorcyclist hurt in crash with truck |

Motorcyclist hurt in crash with truck

Tim Mutrie

An Aspen motorcyclist sustained a broken foot in a head-on crash with a full-size Chevy pickup truck Tuesday afternoon after he apparently lost control of the cycle on Woody Creek Road.

Anthony Nocifera, 29, of Aspen, was treated and released from Aspen Valley Hospital last night with a cast on his right foot and a couple of citations from the Colorado State Patrol in his pocket, according to Trooper Sean O’Neil.

Nocifera was cited for failing to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic and for not having a motorcycle license, O’Neil said.

“The pickup truck was coming downhill, and the motorcycle was going uphill, and the motorcycle lost momentary control while braking around a corner and crossed in front of the pickup truck, and was clipped on the right shoulder of the road [or downvalley side],” O’Neil explained.

The collision occurred about five miles up Woody Creek Road from Lower River Road, he said.

Fortunately for Nocifera, who was riding a Honda dirt bike, he was wearing full motocross protective gear at the time of the accident.

“He was very fortunate,” O’Neil said. “The protective gear that he had on definitely reduced the severity of his injuries.”

The driver of the pickup, Randal Webb, of Carbondale, was not injured, though his pickup sustained “moderate damages” to the front end, according to Bruce Benson of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. Benson said Nocifera’s motorcycle did not appear to be badly damaged.

O’Neil said speed was a contributing factor for both vehicles involved, though neither driver was cited for speeding.

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